[Fanfic] Just A Weapon (Chapter 11)


Author: dee3302

Pairing: Chanyeol & Baekhyun

Genre: Angst/Fantasy/Tragedy

Our Last Time … Baby ~ ~

Xiu Min is sucks !!

Baekhyun keeps cursing along his way to the EXO’s room.

First reason: because Xiu Min is succeed to force him to eat his lame breakfast.

Second reason: Xiu Min didn’t tell him earlier that Chanyeol already back from his ‘treatment’ last night *hoo, so that’s the good news*

Third reason: Xiu Min force him again to use baby soap when Baekhyun is taking bath. Xiu Min insist that his EXO must stay smooth like a baby *plakk

*Okay, remove the third reason*

What really matters is the second reason. Thing that Baekhyun waited so long. He speed up and one more turn he will arrive in EXO’s room. Room where Chanyeol is there.

Baekhyun in such a hurry to see Chanyeol. Of course not because he wants to be treated or expecting to get a chocolate. Because actually… He doesn’t know, he doesn’t have any particular reason to see Chanyeol.

When he arrived in front of iron door of EXO’s room. He press the few button before hit the red one then he wait ’till the door make a hissing noise to open. Baekhyun walk then rub to the bed in the corner of the room. A bed that almost 2 weeks being empty because the owner is missing, Chanyeol’s bed.

Baekhyun see it, Chanyeol’s hair come out from the blanket. He rub his eyes, make sure that a boy in front of him is REAL and not just an illusion. For a moment, he thought that the figure under the blanket will be gone again and he’ll catch an emptiness. But that thought is disappear because Chanyeol is still bent over his blanket. He is REAL. He is CHANYEOL…

His cute little hand shaking slowly Chanyeol’s shoulder. He meant to wake Chanyeol as smooth as possible. Of course while avoiding possibility that Chanyeol probably smack Baekhyun’s jaw because disturbing his sleep. Baekhyun getting desperate seeing Chanyeol stay sleep with his ‘weird’ style and snoring like an old man. Baekhyun doesn’t give up, he keeps shaking Chanyeol until finally he opens his eyes and start to stretching his body.


Chanyeol’s eyes wide open. He blinked few times, sharpen his blur view.

“Hoi, ‘yeol?”

When his view is clear. He could see a thin lips that he always wanted to bite. This lips… baby’s lips.

“Where have you been, ‘yeol? You runaway for so damn long.”

Chanyeol frowned his forehead, “If I’m runaway, I probably never comeback, silly baby.” He answer in hoarse voice. *besides, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to runaway*

Baekhyun smile and sit in the bed, while Chanyeol is sit besides him. They both then trapped in awkward silence, not mocking each other like usual. They just keep looking at each other. Telling each other by the way they look the eyes that how they missed each other. Unfortunately, it doesn’t answer every question in Baekhyun’s mind.

Are you okay?

Where have you been?

Why there isn’t any news ?

Why you not coming to the base?

Baekhyun really wants to crack this endless awkward silence. But everytime he wants to open his mouth, word is swallowing back to his throat. His mouth locked up and couldn’t compromised.

Baekhyun stooping his head. It feels really uncomfortable to be in awkward situation.

“Err… Ch-channie …”


“Did you eat?”

“Not yet.”

“…oh,” and Baekhyun mouth is shut again. Ergh, seriously he really sick with this awkward nervous feeling.

After that there isn’t any single word came out from their mouth. Both Chanyeol and Baekhyun silent, like there’s a duct tape covered up their mouth. Hey… this isn’t like what Baekhyun imagined if he meet Chanyeol *awkward*

Few minutes later, Chanyeol get up from his bed. He headed toward the restroom in the corner of the room, still with silent. Chanyeol’s shadow is reflected in Baekhyun’s eyes. Baekhyun keep following that shadow…

…until finally gone behind the door. Leaving himself still in puzzlement.

Baekhyun bite his own lips, feel really frustrated. He want to yelled at himself because looked stupid in front of person-he-really-wants-to-see. Where’s his spirit? Why he feels like his spirit is disappear in front of Chanyeol?

Reflex, Baekhyun bumping his head in the surface of the bed few times while saying ‘stupid…stupid…stupid’. Until a voice make him stopped.

“I don’t want you to get brain damage because the silly thing you did, silly baby.”

Restroom open, showing Chanyeol in TOPLESS.

Baekhyun blinked few times, “Eh?”

“Stop bumping your head, bacon.” Then Chanyeol closing the door and step out of the restroom. While Baekhyun, ya… his brain still not fully connected right now.

“Channie – ah, if you not wear clothes like that, you’ll catch cold.”

Tap .. Tap ..

“Baekhyun…” Chanyeol step closer to Baekhyun and water is dripped of his sexy wet hair, succeed to make Baekhyun gulped few times. “…bogoshippo.”


2 responses »

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    makes me speechless *feel that awkwardness
    huwaaaaaaaaa too short!!! after a long waiting. 😦
    i want MORE.

    whispering ‘bogoshippo’
    makes me blushing. ^//^

    next chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppptttttt

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