[Fanfic] Just A Weapon (Chapter 10)


Author: dee3302

Pairing: Chanyeol & Baekhyun

Genre: Angst/Fantasy/Tragedy

Just For Chanyeol

White …

When those eyes are opened slowly, the only think he could see is the white ceiling and white wall. He’s inside a room, yes a room. But not his room, not EXO’s room. Eodiseo?

Baekhyun try to recognize this place, this room….Xiu Min’s room. Last night he slept in Xiu Min’s office. How…. Could?

Oh… Yesterday, he was standing while pounding the door of this room for whole day. He meant to visit his ‘nanny’ and asking about Chanyeol but Xiu Min keeps ignored him. Until Baekhyun tired and slept in front of the door. Is that what happened? Maybe! ‘Cause Baekhyun not so sure about it.

With dexterous, he jump off the bed and walking around that white room. He’s looking for Xiu Min.

“Xiu Min-ah?”

His feet widely step to the computer table, expecting that lil fatty will showed up. He turn the chair where Xiu Min supposed to sit. Nothing, Xiu Min isn’t using his computer now.

“Xiu Min-ah, eodiseo?”

Baekhyun turn around and walk toward the bathroom in the corner.

“Xiu Min-ah, are you inside?”

His little fingers tapping at the door and keeps like that until stop when he realized that Xiu Min isn’t in his office now.

*Then, eodiseo? Don’t tell me he’s ignoring me again?*

Suddenly, Baekhyun is being surprised by sound of the wood door. There’s someone entering this room.

Xiu Min-ah…

“So you already awake, you slept like a dead before.”

“Yeah,” Baekhyun rolled his eyes.

Xiu Min smiled, he walked slowly to his EXO. His left hand carried a wooden brown tray with leaf carved in each side. Breakfast for Baekhyun “Food? I guess you’re hungry.”

“The tray is nice, can I see it?” Well, it looks like Baekhyun interesting about the tray and not the breakfast. His hand grabbed the tray and curiously look at it.

“Well you can, but don’t eat it!” Xiu Min teasing up Baekhyun.

“I’m not stupid, Xiu Min,” Baekhyun pouted his cheek. *Even kindergarten kids know that you CAN’T eat tray because it’s hard? No… Even if the tray is soft, you still CAN’T eat it… Ah, never mind*

“Wow, the carved is nice…”

“You like it?”

“Ne, I like it.” He lift that tray above his head so he could observing it carefully until forgot to blink.

Xiu Min chuckled, he never thought that EXO ‘the winner’ is interesting about a tray instead revolver, beam or another weapon.

“Give me the tray, eat first!” Xiu Min trying to take the tray back.

Baekhyun grumbling, he shook his head, he put his puppy eyes and hugging tightly the tray. Seeing Baekhyun’s puppy eyes make Xiu Min rolled his eyes.

“If you want to eat, I’ll tell you a good news!” Well, Xiu Min try to persuade Baekhyun to eat.

Baekhyun sighed, he put the tray in the floor and walked toward a little table where the food is ready. His eyes widened when see a bowl of corn soup in front of him *Xiu Min – ah… Seriously, another corn soup?*

“I don’t like corn soup, Xiu Min-ah. You know THAT.”

“I can’t hear… I can’t hear ~~ ” Xiu Min whistling and waving his hand.

“Ergh, I don’t wanna eat this!”

Xiu Min quiet, he looked his EXO with a serious face. Ya, serious. He doesn’t like when his EXO don’t wanna eat like a baby. Xiu Min has to make Baekhyun eat his breakfast. Using any way.

“What do you wanna eat then?”

Baekhyun opened his mouth and said ‘samgyeopsal’ without a voice. Xiu Min raised his eyebrow, *surprised*

“How do you know that food?”

“Yesterday, when hang out with Chanyeol… He bought me samgyeopsal, *mm* delicious.”

‘Chanyeol … And Chanyeol again. Why this baby become so attached to an EXO named Chanyeol? Before my baby getting his bad influence, 0012-PC has to be ‘shutdown’.’

Few minutes later Xiu Min said, “No samgyeopsal! Eat your soup.” Xiu Min said it hardly so Baekhyun couldn’t debate it again.

But, wasn’t Baekhyu his name if he just following someone’s order like that.

He stand from his chair and walk toward the bed. He doesn’t wanna eat!

But his steps stop when Xiu Min said…

“The good news is about Chanyeol.”

…with a flat tone.

Baekhyun turn his head back to Xiu Min. With a flash quick movement he sit in the chair, taking a spoon and eat the soup right away.

Ya, for hearing good news about Chanyeol. Just for Chanyeol.


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  1. Finally i can comment.
    Sorry, i’m too late.
    I’ve read this story from chapt 1 till this chapt.
    Dee saengi,
    I really love this story.
    I love how xiu min nanny take care of his baby,bacoon.
    I also love the way u tell me the story,
    I can feel that u really loving bacoon like his mom?, -.-”
    Where’s naochan? (nae adorable chanyeol-my exo bias)
    Poor bacoon,he’s really missed his soulmate.
    Hope u will post the next chapt soon.

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