[Fanfic] Just A Weapon (Chapter 8)


Author: dee3302

Pairing: Chanyeol & Baekhyun

Genre: Angst/Fantasy/Tragedy

Stage 2 of Filtration

Today, EXO-K is flying the jetcrusher. This filtration is being held in SMEnt base which the location is separated from the lab. It’s not so far. If you using jet than it only takes 10 minutes long.

One Jetcrusher in red color is ready to take off. One of EXO-K named 0111-JM a.k.a Suho is inside.

“Starting take off.” Voice of Exotic is echoing from the sound system in the corner. “Opening hatch.”

Orders from his Exotic makes Suho’s gloving little hand sweating. “Status, normal. Course, clear.”

This his first time flying a Jetcrusher. That nervous feeling is normal in someone’s first time.

“0111-JM, take off!”

Suho pressing few button with his left hand, while his right hand holding the steer. Slowly, that Jetcrusher moving from its place. Suho could only hope, that he’ll pass this second stage. His Jetcrusher didn’t equipped by any battle weapon. They just have to flight under the radar and through the maze made from sharpened coral stone. Once the Jetcoaster touch the coral, *boom*. It will explode and the EXO will die. EXO-K must be able to go through this ‘little’ obstacle. They have to learn and quick adapt soon after they inside the war field. Horror of the first stage is nothing compared this stage 2 because they WILL tossed to the war field without any weapon. They just have to FLY !!! *It’s cruel, right?*

While Suho is struggling with his life, another EXO is waiting in a little room. Waiting their turn to the ‘execution’ place. They put a flat cool and calm face, but couldn’t hide the nervous feeling inside their heart. This boys already smart enough to hide emotions *quick progress*

But there’s an EXO who can’t sit in quiet, the baby bacon. He keep staring at the automatic iron door in the corner of the room. He’s nervous, but not because of this filtration. It’s because he’s waiting for someone who treat him samgyeopsal yesterday.

Since they back from the hang out last night, they haven’t spoken each other. Baekhyun and Chanyeol just went to their bed and slept. When finally Baekhyun woke up, he couldn’t find Chanyeol in his bed.

When he flied to this base he’s not with Chanyeol. Baekhyun thought that Chanyeol will catch up later. But he’s wrong, ’cause Chanyeol never showed up. Everytime that door open, Baekhyun expecting that Chanyeol will enter with a mumbling expression which means a smiling for Baekhyun. Unfortunately, it’ll stay as an expectation because Chanyeol is never come.

A hand grabbed Baekhyun’s shoulder while he’s still in his daydream. That hand belongs to Xiu Min who smiling, “It’s your turn, Baekhyun…. Hwaiting.”

Baekhyun just staring at Xiu Min’s face and Xiu Min just replying it with an honest smile. Xiu Min expecting Baekhyun passing the filtration and Baekhyun don’t wanna disappointed a person he already considered as his hyung. He has to be able to become a perfect EXO just like what Xiu Min’s wanted, so Xiu Min will be proud of him.

Baekhyun nodding. His feet walking toward the door, heading to his jetcrusher. He doesn’t know that Xiu Min look at him sadly and pity. His honest smiling turn into a bitter smile.

“God, forgive me… Who ruined his future and letting him entered this complicated world before the time.”

 To Be Continued


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