[Fanfic] Just A Weapon (Chapter 7)


Author: dee3302

Pairing: Chanyeol & Baekhyun

Genre: Angst/Fantasy/Tragedy

Chanyeol’s Feeling

Selfish, childish, bigbaby but tricky and full of conspiracy. What kind of monster possess this cute boy named Baekhyun? Chanyeol is being surprised again with the reality that Baekhyun has a really high appetite. Baekhyun could eat 4 servings of samgyeopsal in a short time. It’s indeed for some people to feeling happy when the person he treated likes the food. But this isn’t happening to Chanyeol, because the money inside his pocket only enough to pay half from what Baekhyun’s already ate. In the end, Chanyeol and Baekhyun must stay in the restaurant and washing the dishes all day long.

Now, both of them are laying down on top of the bamboo chair in the park that only 200 meter from their lab.


Both of them are sweating all over their body. Chanyeol could blaming this baby bacon beside him but he realized that this isn’t Baekhyun’s fault. He is the one who should brought some extra cash. *Oh come on, let what happened in the past become memories*

“I’m exhausted.” Chanyeol breathing really deep and slowly.

“I’m hungry ~~~ ”

Chanyeol suddenly get up from his bench and stand with tightly clenched fists. “YOU….” He looked surprised to Baekhyun. *geez.. How big is the space inside that stomach* Baekhyun could only rolling his eyes.

“Let’s eat again.” Baekhyun pouting his cheek.

“I don’t have any money left. Let’s just go back…”

Suddenly Baekhyun remember something. “Ah! I forgot, Xiu Min said that we should go back before five.” Baekhyun glancing at a big rounded clock in the middle of the park.

“It’s already seven now!” Baekhyun clapping his own cheek with both of his hand and pouting his cheek, he feeling sorry. But Chanyeol sure that Baekhyun doesn’t really feeling sorry and he knows that Baekhyun didn’t really care about what Xiu Min said. It just enter the right ear and out at the left ear or maybe it doesn’t entering his ear at all.

Chanyeol already observing Baekhyun for a month and he could take a conclusion that Baekhyun almost always never care about anything around him. Wait a minute… Observing? Is it means that Chanyeol seeing and looking all Baekhyun’s activity and habit then write it in a little note that being hidden under the bed. Chanyeol looks like a stalker now. Or maybe he is? *Ckckck… stalker = obsessed*

Chanyeol feeling like he ever meet Baekhyun before. Ya… Ever… But he don’t know, he’s not sure about his capability to remember.

He doesn’t really like to remember his past because he feels that his memory is empty. Like GONE. Ah, get over it! It doesn’t matter now.

“Baby…. I wanna ask you something.” Chanyeol sit again on top of the bamboo chair besides Baekhyun. His back laying to the chair, he straighten his feet. He swallowed hard couple times. Preparing himself because the question he gonna ask is going to create a long conversation. Really long.

“What?” Baekhyun suddenly become more serious but still can’t hide his enthusiasm and curiosity. Unique characteristic of EXO 0114-BB . Cool when in the war field but cheerful in real life.

“Do you really want to be an EXO?”

Baekhyun thinks for a second, is Chanyeol digressing now? Because Baekhyun sure that Chanyeol already know the answer of his own question.

“Of course YES!!” Baekhyun clenched his fists and smiling. For a moment he back to his war character, cold blooded killer. Baekhyun really want to be an EXO because it’s a noble job *at least that what Xiu Min said to him*

Chanyeol sighed, already know what kind of answer will come from Baekhyun. But still he has to ask, just to be sure.

Smile in Baekhyun’s face start to fade away when he noticed something strange with Chanyeol’s question. “What happened here, you don’t wanna be an EXO, Channie?”

Chanyeol didn’t answer, he just lift up his shoulder.

Baekhyun shocked, “Wh-what?!! You don’t wanna be an EXO? Isn’t it a noble job? We could stop the war, you know?”

‘A noble job’ ? In Chanyeol’s mind, ‘EXO’ isn’t that kind of noble job. ‘EXO’ is a death angel sends to take someone’s life.

“Xiu Min told me, we are now being taught to be a tough EXO so we could win the Galaxy war. He said that we cannot lose anymore like we lose earth. In the next stage of filtration, we’re going to flying a jetcrusher. Xiu Min – told – me,” explain Baekhyun.

Without Baekhyun’s explanation, Chanyeol already know about all of that. Kris, his Exotic also told the same thing. Probably the other 4 Exotic is also said the same thing to their EXO.

“I knew it, BABY!!”

“Well, then we have to gain more spirit! We have to fight so we won’t be a failed EXO.”


“Ah, you are so not fun!! We have to win the war!!”

The brainwash project that SMent done to Baekhyun is a big success. Because now Baekhyun is so obsess to become a perfect EXO. This thought won’t ever come across in his mind if he still in his old life, when his life is normal. A life that Baekhyun doesn’t remember anymore.

It so different with Chanyeol, seems like the drugs that being used by SMent didn’t do any effect to him. That drugs only erase the memory but cannot do the brainwash like what it did to Baekhyun. That kind of reaction is completely natural ’cause structure of each of EXO’s body are different.

Chanyeol is confused with this kind of life. He confused. Why? Why he has to fight? Why he has to killed? Why he has to be an EXO? Why must him? Who actually is he? Who are Exotic? Who are those white suit people? Who are they? Why they can ordered EXO all they want. Even Chanyeol never know people in the lab who force him to fight. Chanyeol didn’t remember, and he hates the fact that he can’t remember anything since he open his eyes in surgery room. But he can’t, he couldn’t help it because everytime he try harder to remember, a painful feeling will always come to his head.

0012-PC feels that he is a big LOSER !!!

Chanyeol sighed, he blinked few times. Looks like, thinking about all of it really cost lot of energy. He often did that, but this time he really tired, weird. The next second he ask, “Baby, if you are going to live like this, what are you going to pick? Live for fight or fight for live?”

*Live like this? Is he mean live as an EXO?*

“Both of them.”

“Hell no! Just pick one. Don’t be greedy you silly baby!”


Baekhyun thinking while scratching his head. He lift up his head, staring at the night sky, watching the sparkling stars. The question that Chanyeol asked isn’t hard to be answer. It just……

“Of course, live for… fight,” Baekhyun speaking with a low voice, sounds like he is doubting himself. “Like….you….are not? You are….” Baekhyun’s voice getting smaller, whispering and finally gone. He suddenly changed, doesn’t seems like usual.

Chanyeol changing his position so their eyes can meet. Speaking by looking at each other is better for him and because he always like to see Baekhyun’s eyes. *maybe not for this time* because tears start to falling from those eyes.

“Just a weakling choose fight for live.” Baekhyun start to speak again, his voice sounded trembling. He smiles, smiling for himself. At least he isn’t a fool weakling, that’s what he thought.

Slowly, Chanyeol’s eyes softened. Baekhyun didn’t know. Yes, he didn’t know…. That what he said makes Chanyeol’s inner flare up because Chanyeol rather choose fight for live. Chanyeol is an insubordination EXO. and …..


 To Be Continued


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