[Fanfic] Just A Weapon (Chapter 6)


Author: dee3302

Pairing: Chanyeol & Baekhyun

Genre: Angst/Fantasy/Tragedy

A Date ??

Baekhyun is really upset now. Seriously, he really want to stab the ahjussi who sell his favorite kimchi with his long knife. But when he look at Chanyeol’s face who seems stayed calm, make Baekhyun’s emotion melting. The reason why Baekhyun feeling upset is because the ahjussi is running out of kimchi stock and close earlier. Yes, and now Baekhyun extremely starving.

Baekhyun pressing his stomach, hoping that the hunger feeling will be fade away. But it seems hopeless ’cause now his hands is shaking too. He wants to eat. He MUST eat. NOW!!

Baekhyun sighed, his precious hang-out time *is this a hang-out or a date?* has to end up tragically like this. Oh come on, Baekhyun only need food to fill his stomach and this tragically feeling won’t come again.

“Hungry, baby?”

Baekhyun pouted his cheek. “You already know that right?”

Baekhyun’s face implying a deep desperate. Honestly, as the person who asking Baekhyun to go out, Chanyeol feeling pity. But, what can they can do? It is already CLOSED!!!

Chanyeol clapping Baekhyun’s shoulder and sit beside him in a bamboo chair. Baekhyun lift up his face, showing a really sad aegyo face with tears start to fallin’, pale lips and his body shaking. Maybe this description is too much for a starving person. But baby bacon is just like that *over reacted*

Chanyeol rolled up his eyes seeing a desperate Baekhyun. “Let’s go, we find a restaurant.”

Baekhyun look at Chanyeol with his deathly puppy eyes, “I can’t walk anymore, I want a piggyback ride ~ pleease ~”

Chanyeol shocked and sighed. “You’re insane.”

“You are mean! I can’t even stand up!” Baekhyun pouted his cheek even bigger.

“Ck!” Chanyeol ruffled Baekhyun’s hair, he feeling guilty seeing Baekhyun like that. Actually, he regretted because asking Baekhyun to hang out today. Chanyeol doesn’t know that a boy like Baekhyun who could kill tens of people easily can be such a troublesome boy like this. He squat a little so Baekhyun can hop in his back.

“Hurry up!”

“Yay – Yay!” Baekhyun hop in Chanyeol’s back with a bright face *such a troublesome baby*

Chanyeol can only trying to think positive now. Sooner they find something to eat, sooner his suffering will end.

To Be Continued


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