[Fanfic] Just A Weapon (Chapter 5)


Author: dee3302

Pairing: Chanyeol & Baekhyun

Genre: Angst/Fantasy/Tragedy


For some people, being inject by a needle must be really hurt. Well, Baekhyun also like that too. When his little hand being injected by needle to make his itchy go away, his mouth is keep widened open and letting out a really loud screaming. Is it that hurt? Or Baekhyun only became over reacted? He maybe has trauma to injection needle and until less than 30 minutes after the injection he still holding his arm where he’s being injected.

Baekhyun’s memory flying back to last night, when he and Chanyeol keep mocking each other with no reason and making them sleep when it’s already in the morning. They ended their mouth fight with promising each other that they will hang out together, TODAY. How could they end up like that? Because Chanyeol promise that he will treat Baekhyun if he sleep in time. Of course, Baekhyun accepted it, who doesn’t want free food? *Hooo Baby Bacon reeeaaally love free food* Baekhyun entering his blanket right away and start whimpering. *Chanyeol rolled up his eyes*


Baekhyun turn his position and facing Xiu Min. Xiu Min is typing something but what Baekhyun wants now doesn’t have anything to do with Xiu Min’s activity. Baekhyun only want to…. asking PERMISSION.

“Xiu Min-ah, can I go out? I promise I won’t be long….pleeease.” Said Baekhyun without courtesy.

Xiu Min slowly coughing, “For what?”

“Chanyeol promised that he’ll treat me today.”

“Chanyeol? Do you know him?” Xiu Min try to changing the topic. Honestly, Xiu Min isn’t so agree if his EXO is gonna going outside his reach area where he can watch Baekhyun. Over protective? Indeed.

Baekhyun nodding, his lips make a smile. “Yes, he is nice.”

“Don’t easily believe to those boys, Baekkie.” Xiu Min stop his activity for a moment, looking at Baekhyun in a serious look. “They are… Tricky.”


“Yes, just like you.” said Xiu Min.

Baekhyun sighed, then pouting his cheek *gyaa, aegyopta*. He can’t deny it ’cause he IS like that.

“Chanyeol is nice, he gave me chocolate.” *A baby who could just believe a person because of chocolate* Baekhyun clenched his fists, try to convince Xiu Min. But this guy in front of him doesn’t give any reaction. Xiu Min just be motionless and sighed.

“Can I go, pleeeeaaassee?”

Xiu Min shaking his head. “You can playing with my computer, so just stay here.”

Baekhyun clenched his fists and smack it into the table. “Ah, Xiu Min – aah!! Allow me to become a slut, be free!”

“WHAT DID YOU JUST SAID?” Xiu Min asking with a horror face.

“Hang out like a slut, why?”

Xiu Min widened up his eyes and hoping that his ears are in trouble or what. But seeing a persistence expression from Baekhyun make Xiu Min knows that Baekhyun really SAID that. How could his lovely EXO said that? How? How could Baekhyun said word…. Slut?

“Where did you know ‘that kind’ of word?”

“When I played with your computer, I open google and typing keyword ‘freedom’.”

Xiu Min clapping his own forehead with his right hand. Okay, this is his own fault because letting an underage boy with cleverness above average surfing the cyberworld. Xiu Min swear to himself that he won’t let his computer connecting to internet while Baekhyun is playing with it. He maybe needs to use ‘memory bed’ to erase Baekhyun’s memory about ‘slut word’ after this. Yes, after this!!

“Okay, okay!!! But comeback before five !!!

 To Be Continued


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