[Fanfic] Just A Weapon (Chapter 4)


Author: dee3302

Pairing: Chanyeol & Baekhyun

Genre: Angst/Fantasy/Tragedy


Even an ‘abnormal human’ needs sleep. Well, the EXO also need sleep to recover. Five of the EXO-K is already fallin’ sleep with different style. Leaving one, the troublesome one that still not sailing to the land of dream. The 0114-BB.

He lay down in a single bad while rubbing his stomach. Stomachache? Ah, there’s no way Baekhyun will got a stomachache just because he ate chocolate from Chanyeol less than a minute, that’s not the reason. The real reason is because there is a single line in red color straight from his chest to his stomach. It is definitely come from a surgery cut. A surgery that Baekhyun never know. That cut feeling so itchy and hot. Baekhyun’s finger start to moving up and down rubbing his skin, he wanna scratch the surgery cut.

“Stop it!” A voice stop him from scratching. A voice that Baekhyun knows belongs to 0012-PC.

Chanyeol sleep right next to Baekhyun. It seems that Chanyeol didn’t sleep yet. “Don’t scratch it because scratching it only make your line become wider.”

“Ah…oh…” Baekhyun do what Chanyeol said and stopping his finger from moving around.

Few minutes later ……

Wow, thanks a lot for the advised ’cause now all Baekhyun’s body is sweating and feeling hot because itchy.

Chanyeol try not to laugh while watching Baekhyun doing exactly like Chanyeol said. It’s really a nice view for him ’cause he can see this baby Baekhyun struggling with his itchy. *hehe*

“Why your ‘nanny’ Exotic didn’t give you the injection?”

Baekhyun’s eyebrows furrowed, “What injection?”

“You suppose to get that injection so you won’t feel itchy, that is given to all of us.”

“Us?” Baekhyun seems really don’t understand who exactly ‘us’ in Chanyeol’s line of word. Baekhyun meant to scratch again but didn’t do it ’cause Chanyeol bulge his eyes.

“Ya, ‘us’ … I, you and ….,” Chanyeol cleared his throat. “they.” Now Baekhyun know who Chanyeol means by “they”. It’s definitely the other 4 boys in this room, the survivor!

“Do you have this red ugly long line too?”

Chanyeol didn’t answer with a sentence or word but with nodding his head.

“Wah, we are same!! Err… By the way, do you know where this disgusting line come from?”

Chanyeol shaking his head means ‘no’.

“Yaaah, that’s too bad, ah… It’s probably, Xiu Min know about this. I’ll ask him tomorrow.”

Chanyeol only nodding his head. It seems he’s not in talking mood right now.

“Do you wanna accompany me to ask?”

Chanyeol only lift his shoulder up, “Come on bigbaby, just sleep now… We’ll play again tomorrow.” Chanyeol smirk for a second before entering his warm blanket, doesn’t care with Baekhyun’s pout expression.


To Be Continue


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