[Fanfic] Choco’ Lips


Author: dee3302

Pairing: Sehun&Luhan

Genre: Fluff/Romance/Smut

It’s a nice quiet afternoon. Birds are flying home. Sun is resting and moon prepare to rise. Everything seems going so well to everyone, except…..


“Shhh…. Quiet. You screaming too loud magnae !!”

“Hyuuungs ~~ pleease ….hiks”

“It’s all up to Luhan hyung, if he wanted to.”

“That’s right magnae, you can’t just force someone to stay.”

“Andwaee… I wanna be with my ukee ~~” *plakkk *since when this magnae become so frontal*

Luhan rolled his eyes, gasping loudly. It’s been 15 minutes he’s being in this position, being pulled by Sehun who force him to stay in EXO-K’s dorm tonight !!!

“Luhan hyung will come with us, LET – HIM – GO, magnae.” Tao grabbing Luhan’s left hand, trying to pull back his hyung.

“No. He is sleeping with me, magnae !!” Sehun still pulling Luhan’s right hand.

“You silly crazy magnae, let him go !! You can meet him tomorrow, right?!!”

“Aniyo!! I – WANT – HIM – TONIGHT !!! You weirdo magnae !!!”

“Tall magnae !!!”

“Creepin’ magnae !!!”

“Abnormal magnae !!!”

“Babo magnae !!!!”

“QUITE MAGNAES !!!!” Suho screaming, can’t stand between magnaes fight anymore.

Kris pulling his uke and hug him tightly, “Don’t be too hard to them, Suho.” *U,u what a protective seme*

All member EXO except TaoRis rolling his eyes, then said “So, what are now?”

“Well, Sehun ….. Uh, where’s Sehun?” Suho shocked to find that HunHan isn’t there anymore. Hmm, looks like Sehun using the opportunity to hide when his hyungs are so busy with TaoRis.

“Looks like you’re going home without Luhan hyung.” Kai smirk.

“Yeah, seems like that.” Xiu Min adding.

“Well, we’re going back then. Bye all.” Kris and all EXO-M minus Luhan waving their hand to EXO-K minus Sehun.

In a room, upstairs. Luhan watching EXO-M leaving EXO-K’s dorm in a horror face. He is now knocking the window of Sehun’s bedroom, trying to tell everyone that he is up there.

“O,o hyuung ~~ where’d you think you’re going?” Sehun locked the door with a smile mix smirk, makes Luhan trembling.

“Sehun-aah, this is still afternoon. Why don’t we go downstairs and drink some tea?” *seriously, the best excuse he could make*

“Hup…” Sehun hopping to the bed and circling his arm around Luhan’s tummy. He sniffing Luhan’s hair, then down to Luhan’s neck and finally laying on Luhan’s chest. Sehun really miss this warming scent of Luhan.

“Sehun ….”

“Please, I just want to stay like this for a moment hannie.”

Luhan blushed, his SEME IS BACK !! When Sehun called Luhan, hannie means Sehun is in a bad mood now and needs Luhan to recharge so he could become a crazy (?) magnae again.

“I am here.”

“That’s good. I miss you hannie.” Sehun closed his eyes slowly and tighten his arm.

“I miss you too, hunnie.”


Luhan close the door reeeaaaly slowly so Sehun won’t be awake. In outside he meet D.O.

“Where’s Sehun?”

“He is sleeping.”

“You walk normally hyung.”

“What is that suppose to be mean D.O?” Luhan give a deathglare to D.O who is laughing now.

“Mianhae … Mianhae hyung .. It just, weird to see Sehun didn’t ‘eat’ you today.

Luhan rolled up his eyes. “Whatever. Well, i wanna ask you something”


“Hmm, what happened with Sehun? He seems in a bad mood today.”

“Molla, maybe he just miss you hyung. Don’t worry, when he wakes up he’ll become ‘normal’ just like usual.”

“One more thing D.O.”

“Waeyo hyung?”

“I need your help.”


In a quiet night…

When the full moon is brightly shining with stars in the middle of the night ….

In EXO-K dorm’s backyard ….

Luhan sit alone in there while looking at a wrapping present that filled with choco’ chips he made. Few hours before, he asked help from D.O to taught him how to make a simple choco chips. With that choco chips, he meant to cheers Sehun up.

With his quick ability to learn fast, Luhan finally could make some choco chips that taste pretty good. D.O, Kai, Suho, Baekhyun and Chanyeol already test his choco chips that still long way go to the word ‘perfect’. Even so, they all seems happily eat that.

“What matters isn’t the taste, but the honest feeling that you want to deliver through this cookies,” that’s what Suho said when he happily eat that choco chips made by a cute Luhan. When Luhan heard that, he smiling and couldn’t hide his blushing face. Luhan is so happy *O,o UKEE !!!!*

The others already taste the choco chips and they said it tasted pretty good. But still, Luhan hesitate to give the choco chips to the magnae. *he might afraid Sehun died eating his cookies*

“Should i give it or not, ha…..?” Asked Luhan to himself without noticing someone slowly approaching him.

“Hyuuung ~~ what are you doing in here?” Ask a sudden voice that makes Luhan shocked and frozen.

“Do – Don’t surprised me like that !!!” Luhan tried to normalized his heartbeat.

“Ng…? What is the wrapped thing in your hand?” Asking Sehun to a wrapped choco chips in Luhan’s right hand.

“Ah !! Th – This is nothing !!” Luhan stand up and hiding those cookies behind his back. Sehun who seeing a weird attitude from Luhan, raised a suspicious eyebrow.

*sniff ! sniff !*

“Chocolate ….” Sehun mumbling when he smell the nice smell of cocoa from wrapped thing held by Luhan.

*damn, his sense of smell is really sharp* Luhan seems nervous and trembling.

“Well, perfect time ’cause I’m hungry now. That choco is for me, right?” Asking Sehun while stepping closer to Luhan. When Luhan saw that Sehun is coming closer, he stepping back slowly.

“Sh – Shiroo !!!” answer Luhan.

“Why you become so stingy ?!!!” Reply Sehun.

“Whatever !”

*what the hell is wrong with hannie?* Sehun feels really weird. Suddenly, an idea come across his mind and makes him grinned.

“UWAAA! Look! Chanyeol is raping Baekhyun right now !!” Shouted Sehun in a shocking face.

“Tch! I won’t be tricked by a cheesy trick like that…” Said Luhan. But even Luhan already said that, Sehun’s expression didn’t change at all, he even getting worse. Sehun’s jaw is dropped while his eyes widened. A little by little, hesitate covered Luhan’s heart and his curiosity make him glance at the direction pointed by Sehun.

*BIN-GO !!* with a quick movement, Sehun is moving right away to take the cookies.

“What th – ”

“You’ve been deceived, hannie…” Said Sehun in a mocking smirk and look satisfy.

“Give it back !!”

“I don’t want to ~~ ”

“Give it back! Give it back! Give it back!” Luhan keep trying to take his cookies back *isn’t it Sehun’s cookies?* but Sehun easily avoided Luhan. Until Sehun bumped a stone and falling, make the cookies flew from his hand. With a quick move, Sehun catching that present and open it and eat every choco chips inside it.

“With this, you won’t eat the cookies !!” Said Luhan who already ate all the choco chips that suppose to be given to Sehun.

“Uh, you really ARE stingy !! But …..” Sehun stopped his word then continuing back, “…… the taste is still left inside your mouth, right?”


Luhan widened both of his eyes, when Sehun quickly lock his right arm and kiss his lips, until a little bite makes Luhan open his mouth.

A warm feeling is covered the cavity inside that little mouth, exploring every sensitive angle inside. Sweet taste of saliva and chocolate mix becoming one delicious taste. Creating a special sensation for Luhan who is now frozen and paralyzed, like a jolt entering through his brain and spreading to his vein.

Few curious eyes is watching HunHan who is in a deep french kiss now. This people have a same thought in their mind, *waaaa ,,, our magnae is already grow up*. All EXO-K is really proud of Sehun now. *he really could act like a seme*

Soon later, that kiss end. Sehun could see Luhan’s blushing red face with gasping breath. Luhan is really happy now, it’s been so long since Sehun act like a seme and give him a deep sweet french kiss.

Until …..

“Waaw, it taste pretty good.”

Luhan’s blushing, “y – ya..”

“But maybe you should add more sugar hyung.”

“Ngh ????”

“And next time don’t eat it by yourself.”

JDeeeerr !!!!




All EXO-K is bumping into each other, couldn’t believe their ear. *how could this stupid magnae kissed his hyung and commented about the cookies* they feeling really bad for Luhan now. *U,u poor Luhan*

But suddenly, Sehun is smirking and said, “Oh look, there is still few crumbs in your lips.” Sehun lick it.

“In your cheek.” He lick it again.

“In your neck.” Licking again.

“In your ear.” *what the hell is going on here*

“Nggh~~ aaaaah ~~~” Luhan couldn’t stop his moaning mouth and feeling his knees getting weaker.

Sehun is smirking again and catch Luhan who already falling to his trap. He taking Luhan in bridal style to his bedroom while giving a sharp glance to all his hyungs who still secretly watched.

” ……. ”

*awkward ~~ **

” ……. ”

“Emm,, I guess the ‘show’ is ended.” Baekhyun is breaking the silence.

“Ya. It’s already late so Baekhyun and I will go to sleep.” Chanyeol adding.

“I’m sleepy, let’s go Kai.” D.O is yawning.

But Suho still standing in quiet. This leader isn’t look like his usual. Dark aura is surrounding Suho who slowly sit on the ground while hugging his knees making the other member feeling curious.

“What’s wrong leader?” Asked Baekhyun.

Suho gasping loudly then mumbling in a really desperate voice. “Sehun ……”

“What’s wrong with Sehun?” Kai confused.

“Luhan ……”

Now D.O confused.

Suho lift up his head before finally said ….. “My BED ……”

Kai, D.O, Baekhyun and Chanyeol think for a second before nodding their head, feeling pity for Suho.

“Yeah …. we understand.” *LOL ,, poor Suho. Seems he has to laundry tomorrow. **

~The End~


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