[Fanfic] Chaos In The Morning


Author: dee3302

Pairing: Sehun&Luhan

Genre: Comedy/Fluff/Romance/Smut

First thing in the morning, all member of EXO-M is visiting the EXO-K’s dorm. Well, today they have to fly to beijing for their showcase and because they sure that EXO-K is far away from the word ‘ready’ so they thinking to check EXO-K. Well, they are RIGHT. It’s like a disaster in EXO-K’s dorm. Clothes everywhere and all member seems running all over the place. IT’s obvious that EXO-K is wake up late this morning and it makes them in a really such a hurry. Watching all this view make all EXO-M sweatdrop ’cause all EXO-K’s member don’t seem to realized that all the EXO-M already inside their dorm.

“Annyeong guys!! We are here!! You guys ready?” Kris shouted to attract their attention.

“ANIYO !!!!” all member EXO-K stop for a second from doing their activity to give a nice deathglare to Kris.

“Haa…..hhh’….h.” All EXO-M took a reeeealy looong deeeep breath. *hwai8ting*

This chaos is everywhere, for example :

  1. D.O and Kai so busy fighting about their hoodie and socks
  2. Baekhyun already inside the bathroom but Chanyeol force open the bathroom’s door and make the door’s key broke. The Naked Baekhyun is screaming and Want To Be Naked Chanyeol is smirking *evil – chan*
  3. Suho feeling because he is the leader in EXO-K so he have to be respected *he don’t wanna his position being a joke by other member specially after Chanyeol’s joke* Suho: I am the LEADER not that Chanyeol *u,u poor Suho*. So, Suho is so busy yelling everyone without realizing that they all are not even pay attention to him.
  4. Sehun?? Where’s Sehun?? Sehun doesn’t there with his hyungs. Feeling worry, Luhan go to Sehun’s room to check him.

“Oh my GOD. He still sleeping !!!! Aiiisssh ,,,, this magnae….” Luhan pull out right away Sehun’s blanket and try to wake him up.

“Sehun… Sehun-aah.” Luhan shaking and pinching Sehun’s body.

“Enggh…. hyung ?? ……… BOGOSHIPPO.” half sleep half awake Sehun is now hugging Luhan.

“Sehun-aah… ppali nawa, we have to go to airport now.”

Sehun open his eyes widely now and get up from the bed in a hurry with pulling Luhan’s hand.

‘haaaah…. this magnae…’ Luhan rolling his eyes.

Sehun arrived in front of bathroom and start taking off his shirt in front of Luhan. When he wants to enter the bathroom he meet BaekYeol who just finished the bath and only wearing white towels. Suddenly, Sehun facing Luhan, puffing his cheek, showing his best aegyo as a magnae and say, “hyuuuuung…. let’s take a bath together.” Hearing this not only make Luhan heavily sweatdrop but also almost make Luhan’s eyes come off from their place. Luhan is getting crazy with the magnae.

“Yaaak !!!! crazy magnae !!!! i already take a bath and already well dressed. What do you thinking, ha?!!”

“I’m just thinking we can take a bath together like hyung hyun and hyung chan.” Sehun reply with his shocking honest answer.

Luhan is blushing all over the place. “B…but we just did ‘that’ yesterday and if we don’t hurry we’ll be late.” said Luhan in a low voice.

Sehun smirk, “Ah hyung, i’m just saying that we are taking bath together not doing ‘that’ together. O,oh or maybe you are the one who wanna do that now, hyung? Don’t worry about being late.. i’ll make it fa~ast.” Sehun is flirting his hyung in a sexy low voice and almost sounded like he was whispering.

“A..Aniyo !!! Andwae !!! Y..you wanna make me can’t walk in our showcase, ha?!!”

Sehun whispering again, “Come on hyung, i’m already catched cold now *remember Sehun is topless now* besides, we’ll be late if we don’t hurry, ri~~ght ?” and with the last smile mix smirk from Sehun really makes Luhan’s leg down. Sehun catch him and take him in a bridal style before entering the bathroom.

Meanwhile, all the other EXO’s member are listening very carefully every single word that come out from HunHan.

“So, what now?” ask Kai.

All member looking at each other and heavily sweatdrop before finally Suho decide to stop yelling around and calling their manager to saying that they’ll be late. ‘Cause all member know that their magnae doesn’t like to being interrupted. Wait a minute…. all member minus BaekYeol. Where’s BaekYeol?”

“Baekyeol getting dress up in their room now.” said Kai.

O,oo.. Now, all member choose to go to the kitchen for breakfast while waiting HunHan take a ‘bath’ and Baekyeol getting ‘dress up’. *Well, Baekyeol just try to finished what they already start in bathroom, right?”*

They sitting in the dining table and Chen offered to make them a breakfast. After a while, he finished the fried rice and serving it in 8 different plate.

“Hyuung.. why there’s only 8 plate? What about HunHan and Baekyeol? are they not taking breakfast?” ask D.O.

“They don’t need breakfast anymore ’cause they already ‘eat’.” said Lay.

All member: “Yeah, that’s right.”

~The End~

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