[Info] (120623) Fan Account About BaekYeol @ London #1

  • ‎[FAN ACCOUNT] *while in London °Chanyeol carried calculator in his pocket to do pound to won conversions on all of his purchases and get the best bargains °They had little accountancy books with their names on that their manager gave them to calculate their spending allowance or something °Fans held up umbrellas for BaekYeol when it started raining and Baekhyun turned around and said “thank you thank you thank you” °Chanyeol picked up vouchers from some random guy from Subway and acted like he’s the most priveledged person because he got those °they went inside mcdonalds and chanyeol was acting very happy.

via: @EXOGASM & @EXO_Intl

  • Baekhyun had around 10 boiled eggs for breakfast..


  • Seriously feel like crying , when Baekhyun got a bit lost in London he kept on asking for Chanyeol only and apparently Chanyeol was looking for him!!

cr: to the owner


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