[Fanfic] Just A Weapon (Chapter 1)


Author: dee3302

Pairing: Chanyeol & Baekhyun

Genre: Angst/Fantasy/Tragedy


A project made by SMent, with purpose to make soldiers with high efficiency. Their life been suported by special drugs which will upgraded their fighting skill beyond normal human. ‘They’ are creatures that come from genetica modification. With surgery, drugs and modification, they can access almost 100% capacity of their brain and become much stronger than any ordinary human.

Now, SMent create EXO type K. The type that doesn’t need drugs anymore to support their life. The most perfect type than the former type and of course more ‘WILD’. The Exotic (Exo operator) plant a microchip inside the brain of EXO. The function is to erase unnecessary memory of past life and fulfil it with combat datas because they are made for war, no other purpose!


Every member of EXO carry a burden in their shoulder. A burden and curse that they only live to fight. Once they disobey, the Exotic will shut down their function. In other mean: KILLED. Life is a choice but the choice doesn’t work for EXO. Their life is just a fake.


His little hand hold his chin. Feel boring, he swinging his naked feet. He sit in quiet, his eyes are staring the vast room with sophisticated tools everywhere, chemical smell and people in white suit then he take a conclusion that he is in a laboratory. He’s not sure about what this ‘people in white’ doing to children in his age.

Chanyeol’s eyes keep looking around, until he stop at a boy stooping in the corner of the lab, seems like try to hide. A cute young boy with pale skin. His thin body is shaking a little bit. There’s nothing special about this boy but Chanyeol couldn’t stop looking at him.

Chanyeol see it when ‘people in white’ found that boy then drag him with force and make him lay on an iron bed (Chanyeol bet on every yolk in this all world that the bed isn’t doft at all !!!). The laying boy is showing his fear expression when an injection needle pin his right arm. He’s sweating, screaming in pain when the liquid from the injection tube entering his body. That liquid slowly flow inside his vein and when the needle is being pull out, it remain a small hole with a little bit drop of blood. Hurt? OF COURSE !!!

Chanyeol blinking for few times before finally he saw the shadow of the skinny pale boy entering a surgery room.


It’s been 2 hours for Chanyeol to sit in quiet while seeing ‘people in white’ walking around with bundles in their hand. His memory flying back to few hours earlier when he is going to buy kimchi. Suddenly, someone hit him from the back and by the time he wake up, he already inside this lab with lot of another children around his age.

From the back, appear a guy in white suit. His face is a little bit scary. Both pale hand of that guy slowly touch Chanyeol’s little shoulder. Reflex, Chanyeol look around. He feels really awkward when catch the shadow of that guy smirk. Indeed feeling weird but Chanyeol isn’t a coward boy.

“You wanna be a soldier?”

Chanyeol shaking his head to right and left, “No, i just wanna go home.”

“Just so you know, it feels really good to be a soldier.”

“I don’t know.”

“Then, let me tell you.”

“I don’t wanna know.”

That guy cover his face that start turning red for a moment because Chanyeol make him mad and speechless at the same time. That guy took a deep breath before controlling himself.

“I’ll tell you something interesting about being a soldier,” said that guy with a smirk.

“I told you i don’t wanna know,” reply Chanyeol in a flat tone, doesn’t show any interesting at all.

That guy touch Chanyeol’s shoulder slowly and whispering right next to Chanyeol’s ear.

“I guarantee, you wanna know this one.”

At that time, that guy pin the injection needle he hide before to Chanyeol’s arm. Chanyeol slowly lose his consciousness and finally those eyes are closed. Chanyeol doesn’t know that after this, when he wake up he won’t remember anything about his life anymore.

To Be Continued


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